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AUTOLAMP Light bulbs

Czech brand AUTOLAMP ® 12V, 24V and 6V with the homologations E1, E4, E8, E13. Excellent bulbs verified more than 13 years of experience on the European market. Packed in cartons, blister or plastic boxes.


We offer the wide range of automotive inverters ranging from 150W to 5000W.
Inverters with an output in the form of a modified sine wave (_ ¬ _) for simple appliance, converter output voltage in the form of pure sine wave (~) for appliances sensitive to disturbance.


We offer rubber-flat wipers of the Czech brand AUTOLAMP. Exclusive blade of polished stainless steel blade with the carbon fiber surface, electrically colored blue and red wipers and wiper essential for a good price (pack of 2 pieces).
     Prices includes 21% VAT

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